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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Town Hall Meeting 6-13-2017

District 1 Town Hall was held on June 13th 2017 at Jim Bailey Middle School 

Our latest District 1 town hall was held on Tuesday, June 13th at Jim Bailey Middle School.

We had a modest group of about a dozen on hand to hear about the latest issues coming before the County and District 1.  Before I took questions from the group, I gave updates on the OLFX/OLF8 land swap, the Jail Issues, Economic Development, ECAT, and the Bay Center.

Once I began taking questions, many of the folks in the audience were concerned with public transportation --ECAT--so quite a bit of the discussion centered on that.  We also discussed the local roadways with several in attendance wanting to see Sorrento Road go to a 4-lane road-particularly because a brand new elementary school is being planned for Sorrento Road which will exacerbate existing traffic.

Staff was present, and they weighed in on issues of jail capacity, road projects, nuisance pest removal, and a new smartphone APP (AskMyEscambia) that the county is bringing online next month that will help citizens report issues to the County and track these issues in real time.

I also fielded questions about the Bay Center, and I reiterated my position that we need to keep it until the replacement Bay Center is built and opened up--so that we do not lose the current community benefit and entertainment venue the Bay Center provides.  Asked point blank what I thought about "tearing down the Bay Center"--I responded by saying this action without a replacement built and ready to go is/was IDIOTIC.

Our CMR staff was present and the meeting was taped.  As soon as it goes live I will link it to this post.

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Anonymous said...

Idiotic I agree, I think there is something awry with one suggesting that and also taking down economic development. I think there is a problem with not renourishing perdido key and calling it a land grab, nor 4 laneing road there, advocating millions for beach traffic and too much for sheriff. Bad news at the chair position. There is an entire county you are all in charge of. All of it.