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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Beulah Road Mobile Highway Intersection Light and Improvement Project De-funded!

This weekend I have been busy.  I've been making calls and writing emails. I've talked to some of the most powerful elected and appointed officials in the state;  I'm concerned because a VERY important project that was just at the cusp of commencement is being back-burnered.

The $2 Million in State Funding for the Beulah Road/Mobile Highway Intersection Project has been re-allocated to different projects in Escambia County.

This isn't just any old project--this is a tremendously important transportation safety project for Beulah in District 1.  So to those residents in Beulah that want to help with something that is of tremendous importance--help me get this project back on track.  I'm asking for your help.

The project  to add a traffic light and intersection improvements at Mobile Highway at Beulah Road has been discussed for many years as the number of crashes has grown geometrically, along with serious injury crashes like this one.

My predecessor on the BCC Wilson Robertson has worked hard to make this happen;  I have pressed for this.  The residents wanted this--and it has been presented to the residents in Beulah at a series of public meetings just last summer.  It was coming, it was funded in the FY 18 Work plan--meaning a contract for this project was going to be let sometime in August or September, and construction could have begun as early as this coming November.

That is all changed now.  see the below email from Thursday evening....

So in order to get this project funded and back on track, I'm going to work very closely with my counterparts on the Board, interested District 1 constituents, the road staff, administrator Brown, as well as with our local delegation of lawmakers--several of whom I have spoken to this weekend.

This is too important to just let go.  A brand new middle school is coming to Beulah, massive growth is happening here, this intersection is only going to get busier and busier--and these improvements were desperately needed because this intersection is DANGEROUS!


Anonymous said...

You need to find out where that money is going and try to get it back to the intersection. My wife was in an accident there that would have been prevented with a light.What's it going to take to fix the problem someone dying? The county needs to fix infrastructure before allowing anymore expansion in this area. Please work to fix this before there is a real tragedy at this intersection.

Anonymous said...

2 million for a traffic light? Wow..i want that wonder they koved th money some place else...that intersection is fine if you peanuts would just open your eyes...