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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Shouldn't We Try to Recoup As Much of our Investment as We Can?

People have opinions, I have my opinion.  Opinions are like...well, you know.

Everyone's got one.

But when we look at the intelligent, long view strategy employed via our Triumph Gulf Coast application for the OLF 8/OLF X Land Swap--It is hard to argue with the logic displayed within that document.

If we put together the OLF 8 project and proceed as we have described in our application, we stand to receive $29 Million for this transformational, job-creating project. And a large part of our $17.3 Million Dollar expenditure (to purchase and build OLF X in Santa Rosa County) will come back to the county as a part of this grant--$10.1 Million to be precise initially from the grant.  (And if we sell off the 9-Mile Road frontage lots for restaurant, retail, and other needed private sector service providers to develop--we could very well recoup an additional $7.3 Million so that our entire acquisition cost could come back to Escambia County!)

In addition to that, we stand to receive an additional $19 Million to add infrastructure and build out the property--if we are creating jobs and being transformational.  That's what the triumph board is looking to fund, transformational, job creating projects like the one they just conditionally approved for ST Aerospace to build three more hangars at the Pensacola International Airport.

Imagine it--going through with the plan, recouping the money, building an attractive park with tons of amenities for area residents, and creating jobs that will benefit the entire county!

OR....we could just take the property and build a giant park and clock tower, fill it up with high-density residential, and low-paying, low-wage retail.  And leave the $29 Million Triumph money on the table...

I think the best strategy is to stick with the plan, diversify the jobs base, create good jobs and opportunities, and provide residents retail and recreational amenities all at the same time!

If we do what we said we were going to do in our triumph application, I think there could be something in this project for everyone--a true win-win.  Read our triumph application, below.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely stay with this plan and recoup the investment. 30 Million Triumph to apply toward it. Of course. Nothing else would make sense.

Anonymous said...

It sounds that the project will bring prosperity to the area. and that is something that Pensacola needs urgently. Yes the plan should continue and be implemented.

Anonymous said...

You sound like the school bully that keeps trying to talk louder than everyone else to get your point forced upon them. Then you talk badly about everyone that don’t agree. If this truly is the best option for D-1 (which you are the commissioner of) then let an independent study confirm it. Escambia county has already shelled out way to much money for this project for it to be pigeon holed into something that may not be the best use for it.

Anonymous said...

It started with the bully talk on facebook prior to and after his election and bully talk from one commissioner in said facebook group. No wonder he has to go on here to get his point across. I guess it's catching.

"She started it"..think about that. How about reign her in and perhaps the pea nut gallery will get more respect. I doubt it though.

Burn that bridge. See it for what it is. Bullys

Jeff Bergosh said...

Anonymous 12:39 -- I don't think correcting misstatements purported to be "truths" in a PNJ op-ed is being a bully. I don't think disagreeing with someone who wants to build more high-density residential on OLF 8 is being a"bully". Disagreement is healthy and debate is good. When it is a nonstop, droning, sustained ad hominem attack on one site, directed toward community leaders and one commissioner, where folks are called "in the tank", "corrupt" and "bought and paid for" etc....that is the behavior that is more like being a "bully". But hey, we can agree to disagree on that.