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Friday, March 27, 2015

Allegations of Misconduct Part 2: Administrators Told Teachers to Change Grades order to help achieve an "A" letter grade and the resulting school recognition award money from the state.

That is the allegation that irritates me the most.  Another source close to this program has now reached out to me with issues about this school.  The news is not good.

By contrast--other schools, teachers, and staff members worked hard and earned this state bonus money legitimately,

Whereas this one school, allegedly, conspired to fix the grades and usurp the normal, legitimate process for receiving award money from the state.

...and then, to top this off, this organization's director was invited to the ceremony with the Governor last week-- honoring the legitimate work of 21 other district schools that got their recognition money the old fashioned way, they earned it!

from just a small sample of the information I have received:

"XXXX was asked by XXXXXXX to give Senior XXXXXX and Senior XXXXXXXXXX “A”’s in her class. XXXX was asked to delete zeros from missing work assignments the students did not turn in months earlier. XXXXXXXXXX discussed this issue with XXXXXXXXX since they are both new teachers. Both teachers were very upset about the possibility of loosing their jobs and their teaching credentials. XXXXXXXXXX was in tears. XXXXXXXXX  was very upset and told XXXXXXXX.   XXXXXXX encouraged XXXXXXXX to talk to XXXXXXXX about both of them going to the school district and reporting the incident. Neither woman did so. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX heard about teachers being asked to falsify grades for students. XXXXXXXXX asked XXXXXXXXXXX what grade she should give to XXXXXXXXXXX so he would graduate? XXXXXXXXXX was told what grade to issue for XXXXXXXX and she did. XXXXXXXXX was asked by XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXX to give Senior XXXXXXXXX an “A.” XXXXXXXXX explained to XXXXXXX that XXXXXXXX rarely came to her class and when he did, he did not do his class work. XXXXXX was then asked to gave XXXXXXXXXX a “B” because that was what he needed to graduate. XXXXXXXXXXX was asked to help XXXXXXXXXXX pass his final exam. XXXXXXXXXXXX came to XXXXXXXXXXX classroom. XXXXXXXX allowed XXXXXXXXX to take his final exam. XXXXXXXXXX give XXXXXX the answers to the exam by standing over XXX shoulder and reciting them out loud because XXXXXX did not know the material. "


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bergosh-
As a parent of two children who attend a small charter school in Escambia County, I think that a good look at all charter schools in the county should be done.

Over the past six months I have gone around and around with my children's school regarding grading issues. I have reached out to the school district with my concerns, specifically to Ms. Mathis in the Alternative Education Department. She offered no real interest and a solution of enrolling my children in a regular public school and suggested I speak with the Principal, which had already been done.

The way assignments were being graded (or lack there of) in specific subjects was/is not acceptable and the only way my children were making a passing grade. It is not acceptable and I feel like my children are being set up for failure when they move into to high school. I think the school district needs to have more control or insight to what is happening in these schools.

Jeff Bergosh said...

Anonymous-I believe that at the end of the day when all the allegations are worked through at Newpoint, the way our board enforces our contract with all of these charter schools will RADICALLY change. This issue with one school will hopefully serve as the catalyst for change that will benefit all of the charter schools, and a in turn this will benefit the students, all of our students.