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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

School Choice Support Email and My Response


XXXXXXXXXXXXX    Tuesday - March 24, 2015 

Note of Gratitude

Good morning, Mr. Bergosh. 

While meeting with Ms. XXXXXXXX of XXXXXXXXXXX last week, I learned of your support for the Step Up for Students program in our county. As both an administrator at a private Christian school and a XXXXXX of four little ones, I would like to express my gratitude to you for your support for this important and unique program. 
I know first-hand the difference that these funds is making in the lives of families in our county by providing them with educational choices that they would not otherwise be able to afford. 
We appreciate you. 

Director of Development

My response:

JeffreyBergosh Tuesday - March 24, 2015 

Re: Note of Gratitude

Thank you very much XXXXXXXXXX.

I am a big proponent of choice in education---and I strongly believe that providing parents and students a wide array of choice and customization in education is the recipe for reviving a robust, efficient, and effective public school system in America.

The wrong way to go about building up and improving public education is precisely what we appear to be doing--which is attempting to kill anything short of a complete, 100% monopoly favoring, exclusively, public schools for the provision of educational services.

This is the wrong track to be on and that is why I remain so vocal on this.  This mentality puts big labor, special interests, and adult economic matters ahead of students, parents, and taxpayers.

I appreciate what you do for students, and unlike my counterparts, I appreciate, respect, and fully support the right of parents to take advantage of tax-credit scholarships when they feel this is in the best interest of their children, and that's why I support Florida's tax credit scholarship program;  in many instances we've simply failed to provide what all our students need and unlike my counterparts I also know this is not always just a "give us more time and resources for the public schools and we will fix them" issue.  Sometimes students and parents just need an alternative setting for their students, and we ought not to, as public school leaders, get in the way of parental choice.

Parental choice is ultimately what will save our public schools.  I simply wish more people could see and understand this simple axiom of truth.

Have a great week!


Jeff Bergosh

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