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Monday, March 16, 2015

Gov. Rick Scott Visits Pensacola's Blue Angels Elementary Today

Governor Rick Scott visited Blue Angels Elementary School this afternoon, with a huge check in tow for the teachers of Escambia County.   After walking into a packed media center where the principals from all 22 Escambia County schools that are to receive the award were assembled, Governor Scott took time to shake dozens of student’s hands and say hello.

Before giving his remarks after being introduced by Mayor Ashton Hayward, Gov. Scott asked for the group to observe a moment of silence in honor of the marines and national guardsmen that were killed in a training accident in Navarre this past weekend.

Gov. Scott then took a moment to recognize Blue Angels elementary school teacher Kim Long for her 39 years of service to the children of Escambia County.

Governor Scott graciously thanked Blue Angels principal Karen Montgomery for having him out to her school, and he then thanked Superintendent of Schools Malcolm Thomas for all of his hard work to make the schools in Escambia County better.

After telling the students that if they worked and studied hard in school they could be like him and become the Governor, he asked the students how many of them would like to be Governor when they grow up.  About a dozen students raised their hands.  Scott next explained the perks of being governor when he stated that “When you are Governor, you get to live in a mansion, you get to

 go to the White House once a year and have dinner with President Obama, and you get to eat all the pizza and ice cream you want!”  After laying out all the cool perks of the office of Governor-Scott once again asked how many students would like to be Governor---and every hand in the room went up….mine included!

The Governor signed the $1.4 million dollar check at the podium, and then he presented the check to the superintendent and Mayor Hayward, thanking all the teachers and staff in the county for their diligent efforts.

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