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Friday, March 13, 2015

Sarasota Herald-Tribune Covers Pres. Gaetz's Visit With FCSBM in Tallahassee

The Florida Coalition of School Board Members were visited in Tallahassee at their legislative reception by several influential lawmakers, including President Don Gaetz. 

Today's Sarasota Herald Tribune chronicled this visit from Gaetz:

"Ziegler, meanwhile, spent part of her time in Tallahassee promoting a conservative counterpart to the association, the new Florida Coalition of School Board of School Board Members. The group was established in part because of opposition to the lawsuit. “There is a great deal of excitement about the coalition,” Ziegler said at a gathering of about two dozen people Wednesday at an office building near the Capitol, including conservative school district officials from across the state, lawmakers and lobbyists who advocate for school choice issues.  The coalition got a boost from Sen. Don Gaetz, a Niceville Republican and former school board member who recently completed a two-year term as senate president. He urged the group to advance policies they believe in, even if they’re unpopular with other board members.
“I had some lonely years on the school board,” Gaetz said, addressing the group in a meeting room two doors down from the Florida Charter School Alliance office.
Ziegler was surrounded by like-minded individuals at the event. Collier County School Board member Erika Donalds helped start a charter school. She spoke to a legislative committee Wednesday about the challenges charter school officials face.
Another school board member from Escambia County, Jeff Bergosh, said he considers himself a “real threat to the status quo” and is intending to introduce a motion at his next board meeting asking the district not pay his portion of the $21,766 in dues owed to the Florida School Board Association.

“I’m tired of sending my money every year to an organization that’s working against school choice and suing the governor and Legislature,” Bergosh said."

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