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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Statewide Test Glitches Add to Student, Teacher Anxieties

Testing statewide since Monday for the new Florida Standards Assessment has been a train-wreck.

Locally, many students logged on, began to complete the test, and then were booted off of the system.  Others could not even log-on to the system in the first place.  Sadly, many students that started the test and then were knocked off the system and then re-logged in--found to their dismay that all their previous work was gone.  Poof!

So anxiety levels among students have been rising, and for teachers and administrators, anxiety and frustration is turning to anger.  At one local high school alone, 28 Substitute teachers were brought in to help proctor the test that "didn't happen" due to a glitch in the testing platform.  Those substitutes, and all substitutes district-wide that were hired as proctors will still have to be paid, and they'll be paid again today as they come again to our schools and we "try again."  A unnecessary WASTE of taxpayer money due to deficient planning by the state.  What more can be said?

DOE BOTCHED this test roll-out, and they are costing local districts time, energy, and money.

More importantly, DOE are making the environment for students taking these tests that much more uncomfortable, and for this alone there is no compensation that can ameliorate this damage.

According to our Superintendent, Malcolm Thomas, we will again try to administer these tests today, Thursday March 5th.  Hopefully the platform will work this time and we can get this battery of tests put behind us.

Meanwhile, national media outlets are weighing in, with the Washington Post calling this "Florida's Testing Disaster"

..just what we needed, more negative press.

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Gulagathon said...

They need to stop all of this nonsensical testing. It's just too much! Why do they continue to test when nobody wants it? Life in this state was way better for students before all of the testing. It's not making anything better, it's making everything worse. We need to teach kids to prepare for the world, and how to earn a living, not how to take a test.

The world is falling apart! Unemployment is still unsteady, we don't know what to believe with that. Testing will not cure this, learning how to create businesses and having trades is what will help. Of course a test here and there is needed, but not this insanity that's going on here. We need to STOP ALL OF THIS TESTING, or nothing will ever be in order, and anxiety levels will continue to rise. Hopefully all of this testing won't lead to any suicides in the future like the teacher in California, bless her soul.

I say this because nobody wants all of the testing, it adds more stress to an already stressful environment. The kids or parents should get petitions going to protest all of the testing. They should demand preparation for the world and life!