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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Anger, Concern Continues to Erupt over the NFCU 9-Mile Road Overpass, Part III

Anger over Navy Federal Credit Union's $70 Million Dollar Overpass continues to overflow..

"I certainly understand your position, and appreciate that you want residents involved - as they should be.  I think this mainly has been a public relations fiasco, [emphasis added] could have been handled much better...the item popped up on the agenda with a "preferred" option that did not involve the public at all.  More written background on the agenda item could have helped to explain the process, and what this move will mean."  ---Concerned District 1 Resident

"We understand that the current plan is only a concept, but we have the following concerns/observations:
  1. Our project is not Future Development, it is currently under construction.
  1. The current plan does not allow for west bound exit from Navy Federal or RNC at the proposed intersection. West bound traffic from RNC would need access through the Navy Federal Campus to access Nine Mile Road.
  1. There is an existing ECUA/International Paper 48” effluent pipe just east of the Navy Federal/RNC shared property line that we avoided building over in our design. The current concept plan appears include an lane over the 48” pipe.

We request any action taken by the BOCC include assurance that Navy Federal/FDOT/Escambia County include the RNC development in their analysis and design. Your attention to this matter is appreciated." ---- Concerned Area Developer, District 1

"I have been following this issue since it first became public a week or so ago. I am surprised that something of this magnitude would be acted upon so fast.....basically devoid of public input. I know as well as anybody we need improvements in traffic in that area but I am concerned that the Beulah Interchange effort could suffer as result of focusing on another large that does not solve long term traffic needs.  I strongly urge you to allow appropriate time to allow for public input AND insist that nothing be done that will slow down the Beulah Interchange process. A slowdown of the Beulah Interchange will have serious negative impacts on the Sector Plan and the developers revised MOU that was submitted to county staff last week.  These issues should be addressed together as part of an overall plan and not individually."---Concerned Escambia County Developer

"An earlier proposal to create an additional I-10 exit was defeated by FDOT yet would have been ideal for Navy Federal Employees and for the residents of Nature Trail.  I do not view the proposal to be a reasonable option and I question whether it is also premature decision?  It will, unfortunately, give commuters a great view of our neighborhood.  In addition, the recently constructed sound wall on Nine Mile will be worthless.  Ultimately this will have a negative impact to our quiet community and property values.   The existing construction of four lanes on Nine Mile Road (according to the pre-construction study) is able to handle 10,000 vehicles which would be sufficient. 
So why this flyover option?"  ---Concerned Beulah Resident

"I own property in the Sector Plan area and I am very concerned about  the design of the Navy Federal overpass proposal, it being acted upon so quickly and its potential negative impact on the Beulah Interchange.  I urge you to grant 90 days to allow for the proper study and debate.  Thank you for your consideration"  Concerned District 5 Resident

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