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Sunday, January 28, 2018

What are District 1 Constituents Saying about Being Steamrolled, Part II

District 1 Residents are not happy about a proposal to add a 25' High Overpass to 9-Mile Road in Beulah to help the egress of NFCU employees in the afternoons after shift change.....NOT HAPPY.....Here is what they are saying....

I have received numerous emails, phone calls, and I have even been stopped in public this weekend over the potential overpass that is being considered for District 1 on 9-Mile Road.  The email inbox has blown up!!---and residents are NOT HAPPY about this being Ram-Rodded through!  here are some snippets of what I am hearing....

"Before work of this significance were to happen, is it not incumbent on the board of Commissioners to inform the people who will be effected by such a significant change to their environment?
 A clearer explanation as to how this would work would greatly appreciated. We are a Community of 659 families." Beulah Resident and District 1 Constituent

"The proposed fly over is the most ludicrous and destructive idea to our development..The recently constructed sound wall on Nine Mile will be worthless.  As this may assist Navy Federal Employees, this will not help with traffic getting on to   I-10.  This will eventually have a negative effect on our quiet community and property values..The proposed additional I-10 exit that was defeated by FDOT would have been ideal for Navy Federal Employees and the residents..I am sorry that the "morale" of NFCU employees may be affected, but this fly over will destroy our property values and that is more important than their minor discomfort"  Beulah Resident and District 1 Constituent

"I hereby would like to submit my  strong, official objection to an overpass proposal to add an overpass/underpass to 9 mile road anywhere alongside Nature Trail Residential boundaries.  This option was never discussed when I reviewed my options for purchasing a home in Pensacola or Nature Trail.  If this option is chosen, I would probably choose to move and  not  continue to refer other incoming Navy , Navy Federal or anyone that asks me to recommend this area to include anyone in the  Beulah are  to consider moving to this location.  I believe this option would cause too much noise as well as cause a decrease in property values as well as desirability of this as a relocation site.  My husband and I enjoy this location which we chose as our enduring retirement home."  Beulah Resident and District 1 Constituent  

"...we need to study this further, and also, give the current road-building efforts a chance to be implemented. Having a four lane road and better traffic light timing on 9 Mile along this area could substantially improve the
traffic problems. Also, I think the combining of this issue with the Beulah Rd project already in the plans and funded, would be a much better solution.  Of course, if there were any possibility of further pursuing the original
solution of adding an I-10 exit at the back of Navy Federal, getting the federal gov't to make an exception, that would be the best thing of all!!"

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