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Saturday, January 27, 2018

"It Will Be an Overpass,Like the One at Hurlburt Field"

The overpass at Hurlburt, pictured above, is similar to what is being proposed for 9-Mile Rd. at Navy Federal Way.  It will require 16' of clearance from the surface of Navy Federal Way to the bottom of the overpass structure above it, the 9-Mile Road Overpass-- according to Engineers from FDOT with whom I spoke late yesterday afternoon.

"It Will Be an Overpass,Like the One at Hurlburt Field"...These were the words spoken to me late yesterday afternoon by the PE from FDOT that is intimately familiar with the NFCU, 9-Mile road overpass initiative Mr. Jared Perdue.   This is the PE that is one of the leads at District 3 FDOT in Chipley.

There has been noise out there that this will be an underpass, a tunnel dug under 9-mile road.  That is nonsensical rubbish-it will be an overpass like Hurlburt according to the expert.  This, again, comes from the gentleman from FDOT that walked the halls this past week at the BCC offices and in Tallahassee.  This is the guy who is most familiar with this project.

Now, some of the confusion might have come from the way the latest diagram lists Navy Federal Way as an (Underpass)--but I called and had that cleared up yesterday.  Whoever got the brief and did not comprehend that should probably go back and re-review his notes because it was made very clear to me during my "brief yesterday"

It will be an Overpass, 25 feet high, just like the one pictured above that was recently completed on HWY 98 at Hurlburt Field.

Not a tunnel, not an underpass....

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