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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Anger Erupts over Navy Federal Credit Union's 9-Mile Road Overpass, Part II

Anger and concern is building over the proposed NFCU Overpass project for 9-Mile Road in Beulah--why is this being rushed?

"I worked my way up from XXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX in the XXXXX and retired in 1985. In 2010, XXXXXXX and I bought our final retirement home in Nature Trail, a modest patio home. There were two other houses on our street which backs up to Nine Mile Road. I’m thankful that Navy Fed relocated to Pensacola, bringing a lot of jobs with it. My part of the payment for it has become the four-laning of Nine Mile and now a cement wall in place of the trees that used to stand behind our home. There’s not [a lot] of Nature left in the Trail these days. Sir, not everyone in Nature Trail has a lot of money, living in expensive homes. We bought here for the security and what used to be the peace. Please don’t allow commute times to trump what we worked so hard, so long for. I know there are many other voices, probably all with legitimate issues. Please keep the little guys in mind in the discussions. Tallahassee and Wash DC are distant in their priorities as well as geographically. I’m looking to you, sir, as my local voice." Concerned District 1 Resident

"Why is new infrastructure being planned before the effects of the widening [of 9-mile road] project are determined (or even completed?)  Concerned District 1 Resident  

"Most reasonable people understand there is no solution to the Beulah problem until the new interchange opens and takes some of the traffic off that 9 Mile Road bottleneck between NFCU and the existing interchange." Concerned District 5 Residents

"I believe that we all need to flood the chambers tommrrow night if your for it or against it it our community we need to let the BOCC hear from us!" District 1 Resident

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