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Monday, January 29, 2018

What is District 1 Saying about getting Steamrolled, Part III

....The angry comments and negative reactions continue to pour in.....We Do Not Want This NFCU Overpass!  Is What I am Hearing from angry residents and constituents in Beulah

"Your Idea putting a back road on to Frank Reader is the same Idea I had and then if they could speed up the new Exit off Beulah Road onto I-10 that makes the most sense the cheapest and fastest way of solving the problem . Beulah Resident, District 1 Constituent"

"The core issue here is the traffic problem will continue to get worse as long as the state and others remain hell-bent on cramming all the current and future Navy Federal/Beulah traffic into the 9 Mile Road interchange, mainly the eastbound lane onto I-10. The new "flyover" concept on 9 Mile Road may help. But the new Beulah Interchange is the most viable, long-term solution for Navy Federal employees and all the rest of us."  District 5 Resident and Property Owner

........"We believe this to be an important issue, and would like to see the proposed Flyover "not pass"  Beulah Resident, District 1 Constituent

"I’m totally confused. We need a public meeting to clarify what is going on with the original widening project and this proposed overpass before any decisions are made."  Beulah Resident and District 1 Constituent.

."..I'm upset because this will be taxpayer money spent on a proposal that primarily benefits one private entity, one private business.  It is too expensive and I believe the other interchange option, with a back road to that exit out of Navy Federal Credit Union should be considered!" Beulah Resident, District 1 constituent

"As a resident of one of the communities on 9 Mile Road I want to adamantly state that I am opposed to the proposed “fly-over” that is under discussion at this time.   The alternative solution of an interchange for Belauh Road appears to be the most logical approach for long term traffic management"  Beulah Resident and Property Owner

"Thank you for your consideration of my viewpoint on this matter. I believe it is an important issue, and would like to see the proposed Flyover fail " District 1 Resident and property owner"

..."Thank you for standing up for the homeowners on 9-Mile Road--there are a lot of us that DO NOT WANT THIS, DO NOT SUPPORT THIS!" Beulah resident and property owner 

"I believe it is an important issue, and would like to see the proposed Flyover fail.  Instead, it should be replaced by an alternate solution that is less invasive and esthetically more pleasing." Beulah Property Owner, District 1 Constituent


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