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Monday, January 8, 2018

Governor's Office Sends Letter re: Sheriff's Appeal of BCC Budget Allocation

First correspondence from Tallahassee regarding the budget impasse has been received by the BCC

Friday afternoon the BCC, via County Attorney Alison Rogers, received our first written correspondence from Governor Rick Scott's office regarding ECSO's appeal of the BCC's budget allocation  for 2017-2018.

The important takeaways from the letter are that the BCC was correct in that we followed the  procedures in 30.49 Florida Statutes with respect to how we answered the initial appeal.

More importantly --we were correct with respect to how we did not send more information to the Governor in response to the ECSO's unsolicited response to our only response to ECSO's initial appeal. 

The letter from the Governor's office appears to confirm that this unsolicited second submission from ECSO to the Governor does not comport with the process--and both sides are advised to  "..refrain

 from submitting further information until the information is requested by EOG staff."

A final yet equally important takeaway is the second page and final paragraph of the letter which encourages the continuation of negotiations between the BCC and ECSO apart from the formal appeals process.  from the letter  "Please be encouraged to continue working towards informal resolution while the appeal is pending.

See the letter here, below.

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