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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Do Drug Patches Work? Read the Handwritten Testimonial for Yourself Below....

As I discussed in a previous blog post--we have a funding problem right now pertaining to drug patches for certain individuals that find themselves cross-ways with the justice system locally.

According to one source that is intimately familiar with this issue--there are times when some offenders with significant drug problems are placed on these drug patches and as a condition of their continuing probation.

Recently, it was brought to my attention that funding for a number of these offenders was drying up-- and as a consequence some of these folks on probation might end up back in our jail at a much greater cost to the taxpayer per day than what the cost to keep them out of jail and on drug patches would be.

I have asked staff to look into funding options--because all the judges should have this option available--It saves the county money.

I know a request for funding has been made to the sheriff --from the LETF.  Regardless of how that request is handled, I will be making a $5,000.00 purchase from my discretionary fund for the procurement  and use of these patches locally--because, again,  these patches save the county money!  More importantly--these patches help offenders stay off drugs in many cases.  Read the recent, firsthand testimonial to this below......

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Anonymous said...

I saw your video with May last year plus watched the budget and can see how the "Lock em up mentality" deserves a good look. Keep thinking outside the box.